Unlike the other solutions for industrial floors (epoxy resin, polymers, hard coatings, hard screed, etc.), the DRS-FLOOR technology does not represent an external coating, but permanently modifies the concrete itself, improving its technical properties without the typical adhesion problems associated with the multi-layer structures.



  • industrial, commercial and residential floors
  • matt or high gloss surfaces
  • With predictable and adjustable properties

Decorative design options

  • Coloration by pigmentation, semi-transparent colors or by surface painting
  • easy creation of multicolor surface painting (company logo, markings, etc.)


  • highly reflective surface
  • bright premises
  • Cost savings for room lighting
  • pleasant working atmosphere


Technical performance features

  • high strength and hardness
  • excellent wear resistance
  • non-dusting surface
  • good slip resistance (more safety for your employees and visitors)

Dense and dirt repellent surface

  • water resistant surface
  • Protection against stains, oils, chemicals and other contaminants
  • modifiable top coat against project-specific impurities
  • minimum number of joints

Low tire wear in warehouses or production halls

  • smooth and even surface ensures low tire wear for forklifts and other transport equipment
  • low noise level when driving on the surface

Cost efficiency

Short installation time

  • full loading capacity already 24 hours after the last work step
  • minimum requirements for site conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.)
  • parallel construction works or other use of the premises possible

Easy and fast maintenance and renewal

  • Multiple renewable without dust, noise, odor and aggressive chemicals
  • without interruption of the use of the premises
  • low costs for maintenance and reconstruction

Optimal cost/performance ratio

  • long life of up to 50 years

  • less maintenance and renovation required

  • renewal with low time and investment demand


Simple renovation of old floors

  • Improvement of properties of old concrete floors by using concrete hardening agents
  • Cost savings through preservation of old concrete floors

Environmentally friendly

  • No use of aggressive, contaminated or strong-smelling chemicals during initial application, maintenance and renewal
  • No dust pollution
  • No health hazards for employees, users and visitors

Local availability of building materials

  • all components required for the production of concrete floors are available worldwide close to the construction site
  • no need for costly and time-consuming import of various building materials (tiles, stones, adhesives, primers, etc.) from all over the world
  • simple logistics of the minimum amount of construction components