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In addition to the statutory guarantee, that our customers are entitled to from the purchase contract and regardless of mandatory statutory liability regulations (e.g. product safety and product liability laws), we grant the buyer a manufacturer‘s warranty for the products purchased from us under the following conditions:

1. Period

In accordance with these conditions, we assume a manufacturer‘s warranty for a period of 12 (twelve) months. The warranty begins on the date of purchase of the product from Dr. Schulze GmbH and includes free rectification of material and manufacturing defects, that can be proven to have arisen before the sale.

2. Warranty conditions

The warranty is limited to the free replacement of parts (excluding wearing parts), that we or authorized service center of Dr. Schulze GmbH has recognized as defective due to material or production errors.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, overloading, non-compliance with the instructions of the operation manuals, tampering by unauthorized persons or the use of spare parts not approved by the manufacturer. In addition, wearing parts such as shaft seals, carbon brushes, ball bearings, overload clutches, belts, water pumps, switches with integrated protective functions (e.g. thermal protection switch) etc. are not subject to any warranty.

The operating manuals supplied with the machine and in particular the safety instructions contained therein must be observed. Damage due to operating errors cannot be recognized as a warranty case. Failure to comply with the intended use described in the operating manuals, improper use or the use of unsuitable accessories will void the warranty.

In particular, the warranty is not granted for damage or failures caused by the following unauthorized actions:

  • non-compliance with the maintenance and service intervals prescribed by the manufacturer in accordance with the provisions of the operating manuals;
  • opening of components and other unauthorized interventions by unauthorized persons;
  • improper use, transportation, handling or maintenance;
  • use of non-approved by Dr. Schulze GmbH fuels or lubricants, insofar as the damage or failure is attributable to them;
  • use of non-original parts or accessories;
  • repairs by unauthorized service centers;
  • use of consumables (including diamond tools) with specifications not approved by the manufacturer.

Liability for indirect damage/consequential damage, such as disturbed projects, loss of profit, etc., is excluded within the scope of this warranty. Likewise, we are not liable within the scope of this warranty for damage that did not occur directly on the delivery item.

In the case, that the inspection of the reported defect determines, that there is no defect covered by this warranty or the statutory warranty, the applicant shall bear the entire cost of the inspection and any other costs incurred by us (including but not limited to transport and packaging costs).

If spare parts are made available by us directly or by our service dealers as part of the warranty processing, the warranty claim can only be recognized as justified, if the defective parts are then presented to us for inspection and we recognize them as defective. In all other cases, the spare parts made available will be invoiced no later than 4 weeks after they have been dispatched.

The warranty does not include any entitlement to maintenance and cleaning work being carried out free of charge.

3. Warranty processing

In the event of a product defect during the warranty period, we or our authorized local service center will inform you of the most reasonable and effective method of remedying the defect.

The locally responsible service center can be requested from our head office:

by E-Mail: info@dr-schulze.de
or by telephone: +49 2737 5953-0

The following procedure must be observed when transporting shipments as a part of warranty processing:

  • All return shipments to Dr. Schulze GmbH must be announced in advance and confirmed by us.
  • If we have sent a return delivery note, this must be attached to the outside packaging of the consignment, so that it is visible to the forwarding agent.
  • The shipment must be packed securely and completely in accordance with the applicable regulations in order to guarantee problem-free freight transport. The goods to be transported by a forwarding agent (e.g. machines) must be placed and strapped on a suitable pallet. If the shipment is damaged due to defective packaging, the sender bears the costs of the damage incurred.
  • The consignment must be freely accessible for collection by the forwarding agent. The consignment must be loaded under the supervision of the sender. Possible damage or insufficient load securing must be reported directly to the forwarding agent and confirmed by him in writing.
  • The recipient is always responsible for checking the integrity and completeness of the delivery in the presence of the delivering carrier and confirms this by signing the acceptance protocol. The damage found must be reported directly to the forwarding driver and recorded in the report. Later complaints and transport damage reports cannot be accepted.

If you have further questions about the terms of the manufacturer`s warranty or repair work after the guarantee period has expired, please contact the authorized service centers of Dr. Schulze GmbH. This ensures problem-free and safe operation of the products purchased from us over their entire useful life.

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